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nguyên lý của máy tạo bọt nano

There are many techniques for generating microbubble.
Microbubble technology requires a lot of energy and time to generate nano bubbles, which is not economical.
The Newman Tech’s nanobubble generation technology is different from existing technology.
It is the principle that the shear force is applied to the flowing gas-liquid mixture and it is split into bubbles.
Specifically, when the gas-liquid mixture moves in contact with a specific surface, a velocity gradient occurs due to the boundary layer effect, and the gas-liquid mixture is continuously splitted to a nano bubble.
Currently developed nanobubble generator is applied to 0 ~ 1 recycle considering economical efficiency and bubble size is 500 ~ 800nm.

Đặc tính của máy tạo bọt nano

  • Nanobubble is defined as diameters smaller than 1μm and larger than 1nm.
  • The smaller the bubble size slow floating, When it becomes nano-sized, it will not float and exist in the water.
  • As long as it exists in the water, it continuously delivers the substance in the bubble to the water.
  •  Nano bubbles reduce the surface tension of the bubble and water interface.
  • When nanobubbles are used with anionic surfactants, surface tension is further reduced.
  • Applying nano bubbles to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals using surfactants can reduce the adverse effects on the human body by reducing the amount of surfactant.

Hiệu quả hòa tan oxy


The dissolved oxygen of ADIo product increases to over 40mg/L and maintains high dissolved oxygen of 36mg/L after 48 hours.
High levels of dissolved oxygen can greatly reduce viral disease and decrease mortality by 60% (5.1% → 1.7%).

Chi phí tạo oxy hoà tan

Chạy thực tế

When air is used in this device, the dissolved oxygen concentration exceeded 20mg/L. and the dissolved oxygen saturation rate increase to over 200%.
If this device is used in water with a water temperature of 25℃, dissolved oxygen can be kept above 15mg/L by air alone.

When oxygen gas is used in this device, the dissolved oxygen concentration increases to over 60mg/L.

Ưu điểm của thiết bị

High dissolved oxygen
It is the best technology developed by SNU Nanotechnology.
(Patent number : KR1017181080000)
Long-lasting dissolved oxygen

Low bubble generation rate compared to other products minimizes the reduction of dissolved oxygen due to degassing.

Durable product

Durability is excellent due to the application of machines and equipments that are resistant to salt and moisture.

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